My life in music as a singer really began with Becky. I was just a 16-year-old kid with this ultra-low voice and no idea how to use it. I was shy, hadn’t really figured out who I was at all. Through working with Becky, I learned the foundations of how to build my voice, as well as how to use my voice to say what I wanted to say. Without her guidance, I never would have ended up studying voice at DePaul University, which opened the door to the world of opera in which I now live.

I am currently a regular member of the San Francisco Opera Chorus, there are around 200 positions of this caliber in the country, and I know I wouldn’t have found my way to this point if it weren’t for the start I had with the start I had with the Music of Oz Studio and Becky. She was and is a mentor to me, and she has this incredible way of distilling issues to their simplest, most easily digestible form that will never cease to be of help to me. She showed me not to be afraid of voice, which has let my voice and my talent create the amazing life I have the fortune to live.”