For my student of the month, I would like to introduce Chloe Little. Chloe has been taking piano lessons
for three years at Music of Oz. She takes voice lessons at Music of Oz as well. She is in sixth grade and
attends Clark Middle School. She is a member of the choir at Clark, and the choir recently went to see
“The Phantom of the Opera” which Chloe greatly enjoyed. She has also auditioned to be in the musical,
“Peter Pan” at Clark, and she received the part of Mrs. Darling.
Chloe has favorite songs from different eras of music. She likes “Victorious” sung by Panic At the Disco.
She also likes Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and “Fur Elise” which she has recently memorized. In
November, Chloe did very well playing in a duet recital. She played “Home on the Range”.
Outside of music, Chloe likes to draw. Her favorite color is black. She would like to be a Psychiatrist in
her adult years. When asked what her favorite quote is, she said: “When in doubt, pinky out”—Patrick
Star. ~Beth Puent, piano teacher~