You would expect a picture of a high school kid when I tell you that Heidi Meschede has been a student at Music of Oz Studio for over 7 years.  Actually, Heidi is a third grader at Eisenhower School!  Her experiences at Music of Oz Studio started way back when she was only one, having fun with her Mom and other kids with their parents in my Tiny Tunes class.  She moved through our Wondermusic program graduating from Cadenza, then started piano lessons with me as a second grader.

Heidi enjoys swimming, basketball, softball and harassing her big brother!  She also enjoys playing the piano and is conscientious in her practice and prepartion of assignments.  In her lesson time each wee, we discuss, learn about and make music together.  (and as long time teacher-student friends, we laugh too…)

Congratulations to Heidi as my outstanding student, and to her parents for their continuous encouragement and support of music for their children! ~Pattie Flory, piano teacher~