Our featured student this week is Grace Horvath.  Grace has been coming to Music of Oz for several years.  She originally started at Oz with voice lessons, but started a new adventure a year and a half ago with sewing lessons with our sewing instructor Diana.  Grace’s reason for starting her sewing lessons was to work on and be able to sew her own costumes for dance.  She started taking ballroom dancing and has been dancing and competing for 2 yrs now. Even though her original intent was to work on costumes, sewing has become so much more for her and she has even constructed some clothing for herself.  Pictured is a denim skirt she made out of old jeans.  We absolutely love Grace around Music of Oz, she always has a smile on her face no matter how her day has gone.  We are also sad that she will be taking a hiatus from her voice and sewing lessons while she pursues a new dream.  We are very proud of Grace for going to school for nursing and we wish her all the luck and hope that she finds her way back to us soon.