Like all of the teachers at Music of Oz, I absolutely love it when a student develops a love for music! When I started teaching with the Studio, one of my first students was Sasha Trajkovski – I believe she was in 3rd grade at the time. Sasha loved piano lessons and would diligently practice her lessons at home. Her younger brother, Luca would pay attention to her practicing and ask her to show him things about playing the piano. She would diligently show him the notes, keys, and her music books. He could hardly wait to start piano lessons when he entered school – last year!
Luca is a very energetic student and determined to learn everything there is to know about playing the piano! With less than a year of lessons, he has learned how to play several scales (even C# Major scale), he performed “Everything is Awesome” in this year’s recital and showed me the night before the recital how he could play with crossing his hands and have extra fun playing his recital piece. He can sing and play at the same time and has fun figuring out songs by ear. Just for fun during his lesson, he played “Baby Shark” transposing it in every Major Key – with a left hand too! I attribute his love for piano to Sasha enjoying lessons and taking time to show her brother about piano – what a great Sister!
Sasha also did a wonderful job in this year’s recital (as she always does) – knowing the song and performing it very well. Sasha’s love for music does not stop with piano lessons, she has performed in School Choirs, the Nut Cracker Suite when held at The Star Plaza Theater, and she is also the First Chair Violinist in the Taft Middle School Orchestra. Sasha was recently honored with “The Most Outstanding Student in 6th Grade” award. While she enjoys sports Sasha still finds time to practice Piano and Violin.
Luca was awarded this year an “Outstanding Reader” for 1st grade and a Character award for being “Motivated.” He too enjoys sports and never misses practicing his piano lessons. He has had several one hour lessons and thoroughly enjoys all the musical activities during the extra time.
Great job Sasha for helping your brother develop a love for playing the piano! Sasha has also been helping a friend to learn the piano and play part of a recital piece she had performed in the past.
Keep up the great work Sasha and Luca – practicing and excelling in piano skills! Keep encouraging people to enjoy music and teaching piano to them too! Yay for siblings at Music of Oz!! — Mrs. Lorraine (Szoke)
Videos of Sasha and Luca’s recital performance below