My Outstanding Students are John, Anastasia, Nora and Sarah of the fall semester Cadenza class. Cadenza is part of our Wondermusic children’s’ program for those in kindergarten and first grade.  In our 12 recent classes, we sang lots of songs, including Bam, Chi Chi BamThere’s Music in Me, the African rock-passing game Obwisana and Land of the Silver Birch with feather-stick choreography.  We danced The Pumpkin ManThe Bunny Hop and Debussy’s Golliwog’s Cakewalk, as well as various creative dances. Reading and playing rhythms and melodies on our glockenspiels, playing our wind pipes and an introduction to playing the bucket drums were some of our favorite experiences with instruments.  These four laughed, jumped, danced and just had lots of fun with music all semester!!!  Congratulations to John, Anastasia, Nora and Sarah!

~Pattie Flory, Head of Wondermusic~